Tessera - EP (2019)

  • Tessera - EP (2019)

Tessera is the first offering from the Americana group Holler and the Hand that will make a fans of both the hard-earned critic and the leisurely listener all the same. Honest, enlivening and anthemic, Tessera is built for stomping your feet, rattling the cheap seats and honoring the FM dial’s glory days.

1. Old-Time Singing
2. Sequels
3. Easy
4. Duller Blades
5. Reasons
6. Easy (Live Room Reprise)

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Portrait Recording Studios, Pompton Plains, NJ during the Winter of 2019. Released April 26, 2019.

-Craig Cirinelli - Microphone, Harmonica
-Ed Rossman - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitar (studio), Backing vocals
-Chris Badami - Drums
[Jesse Levitt - Bass (live)]

Additional Musicians on Tessera:
-Tara Dente - Backing vocals: "Old-Time Singing" "Sequels" "Easy" and "Reasons"
-Scott Heath - Mandolin: "Sequels" and "Easy". Backing vocals: "Easy"
-Tim Ross - Banjo: "Easy". Backing vocals: "Easy"

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